Friday, August 17, 2007

week nine, things 21, 22 & 23

from the directions: Week 9: Podcasts, Video & Downloadable audio20. Discover YouTube and a few sites that allow users to upload and share videos.21. Discover some useful search tools for locating podcasts.22. Take a look at the titles available on Overdrive or NetLibrary or Project Gutenburg and learn about downloadable audiobooks.23. Summarize your thoughts about this program on your blog and learn about where to go from here.

20. I have had a lot of fun playing with youtube. It can be kind of addictive, and i can see how people become you tube "celebs". I posted a you tube video to this blog...(see posting week 9, thing 20, amazing robot dance).

21. I'm taking a look at Yahoo Podcasts now. I've listened to podcasts before, ones I was interested in and looked up specifically...never created them,and haven't used directories...I think radio is an incredible medium, though. so much potential. like old time radio...stories are read to you, plays are dramatized, allowing your imagination to understand the content, interviews could be happening in the same room.

OK. I've browsed around the yahoo directory...I see you can subscribe to a podcast, like the Learn Chinese podcast, or the NPR story of the day podcast. That's neat. I see that some are for watching and some are for listening...I had thought podcast meant audio only. OK, I feel more familiar with pod casting already. :)

22. Project Gutenberg, I appreciate that this is out there, and look forward to seeing how it develops. At present, I'm not that interested in e-books. I like reading books in book format. It could be a useful place for people to look at books they need for assignments if all the real copies are checked out at the library.

I have a net library account. I like this for the audio books, I'm glad we offer it at our library. One thing I don't like about it is that you cannot return the books early, due to licensing agreements.

23. reflecting on 23 things. wow. this program has been a bit challenging at times, and on the whole, it's been terrific, and I have learned a lot! it has been wonderful to have a structured means for exploring all these things ...i think this will help me in my work here at the library, as well as making me a more up to date citizen of the 21st century.

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