Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Week four, things 8 & 9

from the instructions: Week 4: RSS & Newsreaders8. Learn about RSS feeds and setup your own Bloglines newsreader account.9. Explore MERLIN and a few useful library related-blogs and/or news feeds.

RSS, really simple syndication.

8. Bloglines is neat. I like being able to collect a variety of things of interest in one place. I was a little disappointed at how the feeds don't look like the material at the source sites. Sometimes images that were associated with text at the home sites don't come along, and some of the feeds just have a blurb and a link. However, all in all, this is a really neat tool.

9.I added Merlin to my bloglines account.

I am looking at Feedster now. Trying to set up a widget to present RSS feeds at my blog (what am I saying?)

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