Saturday, June 30, 2007

week five, things 10, 11 & 12

From the instructions: Week 5: Play Week
10. Play around with an online image generator.
11. Take a look at LibraryThing and catalog some of your favorite books.
12. Roll your own search tool with Rollyo.

10. online image generators:
I created an avatar at the simpson's movie site and here it is complete with an itchy (or it it scratchy? ) tee shirt.:

Then, I tried out the horoscope generator
and it came up with this:

"Chewing gum will save your life this week. • Seriously? You're wearing that? • You need a pet. Go ask someone to pet you. • You are being watched but they're really bored."

11. Library thing:

I created an account and entered some books and then felt a kind of regret about all the books that I'll never remember to enter and which i wish i had a comprehensive record of. One thing i think is unuseful about it is that books come up in various editions and I was pretty much picking one randomly, which I think means that I am only "linking" to other members who selected taht same edition, but really, it might be more effective if there was an option to select all editions of a given book, or have them included as part of a master record.

Here's my (off the top of my head) library:

12. Rollyo:
here's my rollyo selected sites search engine called "baby bump & beyond" for folks looking for information on just that:

Powered by Rollyo

I like rollyo, I can definitely see using it for its intended purpose, a selected search engine. I also see its potential and would like to be able to use it as a collection of webologies. If I want to see the list of sites so eone else has collected on a given topic, can I look at the sites that way? It does look like they're listed as in "these sites were searched in putting together this results list", but it doesn't look like you can get the urls from that in a quick and easy way, you'd have to click on individual results in order to get the sourch URLS.

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ike said...

wow! you're the coolest librarian i've ever come across! can you help me find cool books and learn how to pronounce strange, unfamiliar words? perhaps, after you've helped me, you may marry me and give me many children?