Saturday, June 16, 2007

week three, things 5, 6 & 7

From the instructions: "Week 3: Photos & Images5. Explore Flickr and learn about this popular image hosting site.6. Have some Flickr fun and discover some Flickr mashups & 3rd party sites.7. Create a blog post about anything technology related that interests you this week. "

5. Here's the link to an image that I liked. I got to it by putting in the searchterm "booklove".: I do think it's adorable .

So, even though the above linked to photo is "public", I don't see any option to blog it using the blogging tool.

However, this flickr image has the "blog this" option:

Originally uploaded by 4ever30something

I wanted to try using the blogger upload tool, so I picked this second photo with the "blog this" option .

This photo appealed to me because I used to do Taekwondo and I really loved it. I remember being a yellow belt, the belt after white, and seeing these girls practicing makes me think about the exciting progress and achievement that lies ahead for them, as well as the value of the discipline that they're experiencing now. also, makes me think of how fun it was to watch the karate kid on tv the other night. And this photo coordinates well with my background.

6. I goofed around with some of the tools for playing with flickr images. Some of them were amusing, like the montagr, and the tools for making trading cards and calendars.

Here's an image i made with th warholizer:

7. ok, to post about anything technology related: Nedra introduced me to Pandora, the "music genome project" at Pandora is an internet radio site where you can create "stations" and learn about new music. Anyone who sees this reply and doesn't yet know about Pandora, check it out: It's easy,intuitive, rewarding and free to set up an account. I love it and recommend it to anyone who likes music.

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